In water treatment and purification plants there are required different types of agitators and mixers for processing.
All these mixers are subjected to continuous operation in demanding conditions. Therefore they must be resistant enough to ensure trouble-free operation over time.

Fluidmix studies and offer optimized agitators using high performance profile? and energy efficient motors to minimize the energy consumption and reduce the environmental impact.

Application areas are:

  • Coagulation and mixture
  • Suspension of solids
  • Dissolution
  • Destratification and recirculation
  • Flocculation
  • Nitrification / Denitrification
  • Preparation of flocculants
  • Neutralization
  • Slurry lime preparation
  • Digestion
  • Reagents preparation
  • Sludge homogenization
  • Sludge thickening
Water Treatment Agitators